Dec 112011

Thankful for the sun ten days from Winter Solstice, I took the annual pictures of the December greenhouse. We are very lucky this year to have had eggplant and habanero peppers right until Thanksgiving. We pulled those that weekend and seeded some Radicchio and Peas to see what they would do. Here is the roundup:

We had not been able to grow Lettuce all year this year (we only used seeds we had from previous years and germination was not good this year), but finally it is growing in the greenhouse.

We have Swiss Chard,


Red Beets,



and Leeks.

The Chives have been cut back inside the greenhouse. There are still harvestable Chives outside – these will grow throughout the winter.

Italian Parsley has germinated and should grow the rest of the winter.

and my prize every December – my Greek Oregano is doing fine.

Outside, there are still onions, radishes, leeks, and broccoli.
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Happy Holidays everyone!
Peace from Dharma Dogs Farm
Feb 162010

This past weekend, I began potting up the cole crops out in the greenhouse. Though we’d had a total of over four feet of snow in about two weeks, the greenhouse was warm-about 95 degrees. We made a decision to warm the greenhouse using as little resources as possible. The greenhouse itself is polycarbonate, 8 feet by 16 feet, and is arranged with two several raised beds along the outer walls. There are also 1-foot wide wire shelves running all along the outer walls at about 5 feet.

Lettuce mix, endive, kale and beets were seeded last week and heavy row covers put down. We have kale and Lolla Rossa lettuce seedlings this week – barely started. I planted two each broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts seedlings in one bed with a heavy row cover over the weekend. All are doing well as of this writing.

Tired of looking at bleak whiteness, the hints of spring are evident through the snow and I am anxious to get back to the garden. We will be seeding additional tomatoes and peppers, melons, squash and cukes soon.

Here’s hoping you are all warm and feasting on the preserved harvest of last year.