Jul 152012

I decided to try to do something creative on those days I feel like I can do nothing but lie down. I can’t really figure out how to explain these days to you – they are very painful and hard. It feels as though your entire body is about four times heavier than usual, you can’t always walk in the direction you are trying to go, can’t always say the words you are trying to say. The more you try to make a normal day out of it, the worse you get, sometimes to the point the cain can’t even help you walk.

When one of these days comes along (too frequently lately), I decided to respect the MonSter and let go whatever small task I thought needed done (it’ll be there tomorrow – and so will I if I take care) and grab my camera. I bought a Cannon Rebel Xsi for my birthday a few years back. I LOVE this camera – it is one of the only things I’d grab if the house was on fire (of course Danny and all the critters are safe, also :)

This is the first digital camera I have ever owned. I wanted to learn everything about this new wonder – but was too busy. Well, guess what? I have fairly often higher authority imposed days that I can’t do much other than read and take pictures (most of these days, I can’t even comprehend much more than a basic crochet pattern – that I’d been working on for weeks).

So, this muggy day when I’d done too much (not much at all by normal standards) the last few days – today was my first picture day. All the pics on this site were taken with this camera. I have a very hard time holding the camera still anymore, so any clear photos make my day!