Oct 232010

As I write, we are still trying to adjust to having three German Shepherds instead of six, or seven. This has been one of the greatest, and hardest, endeavors we’ve ever taken on. Not only for us, apparently, as every being in this house, dogs and cat included, collapsed, exhausted, around lunchtime today. The house is full, but feels half empty. It’s hard to believe the sweet little beings who were born into our hands just eight weeks ago, are now beautiful puppies ready for their new lives.

We’ll never do this again – not because it was hard, it was also a joy – but because our beautiful Jet went through so much that we never meant to put her through. The whole experience will always be with us though – from the tears of joy at five little pups alive and breathing on their own, to tears of sadness at the sudden loss of what we thought was our strongest pup, and now missing the little lives who were so much a part of ours.

As I write, Jet is giving Bella a full bath – christening her into what she knows to be her new life. While Bella is staying with us, she now has no puppies to play with, and perhaps the hardest life of all – living with mom and dad. It’s a very strange day here, but a happy one, knowing all of the pups went to wonderful homes where they will be loved and cared for.

Thursday evening, Precious left for her new home where she will have two female German Shepherd dogs to watch over her and teach her.

Friday evening, Gizmo went on to live with his new family, where he will have to other male German Shepherd dogs to watch over and teach him.
And this morning, Bear met a little boy with surprise on his face before a long journey to his new home, where he will have a female German Shepherd dog to watch over and teach him.
It’s very very hard to let them go, but we know we cannot give the attention each needs with a family so large.
But let us now formally introduce, Hoover’s Curly Lady Bella
What am I supposed to do with this?
Hey, moooooooooom
It’s going to take a little adjusting – but I think we’ll all be getting back to normal now – whatever that is :)
Bye bye sweet babies – we will hopefully be seeing you all again one day in the not so distant future :)
Peace and much Love,
Dan and Michele
Oct 142010

We have been in shock and sorrow over the last week. You may have noticed we did not post six-week photos. We have actually not looked at the blog in over a week.

The puppies all had a second vet-check and weight taken and received their first shots last Tuesday afternoon. Curly’s x-ray showed a very unexpected result. We found that the funny noise he made in his throat which the vet had originally thought was his funny way of learning to pant, was actually a horrible condition known as megaesophagus. Our vet explained to us that this is not common in puppies this age, and that several things could cause the condition, in which the esophagus is stretched, creating pockets where food gets stuck. We researched the condition and could not believe our biggest, most weight-gaining puppy, who ate well every meal and played hard, claiming himself the alpha male from almost day one, could have this condition. We made a decision that we’d like to keep Curly and notified the family who had a deposit on him that the choice was theirs, to cancel, pick another puppy, or keep Curly. They chose another pup and we were happy to keep Curly, who we were going to rename, Thor.

Wednesday morning, after breakfast, Curly began to cough and lay around, uncommon for him. He went back to the vet in late morning and had another x-ray which showed his lungs were full of his food. The vet explained that this is what will eventually happen to a dog with megaesophagus and there was nothing they could do. Our hearts were broken. We held Curly and he showed us nothing but love, though we knew he was in pain. He passed around lunch time on Wednesday and we have been in shock ever since, doing our best to continue as usual for the rest of the pups sake.

All of the other pups were deemed healthy and all have been growing, learning, playing and eating more and more every day. They had their second worming today and are doing really well at housetraining. Each is unique and all are a joy. We suspect the emptiness we feel at the loss of Curly will be increased by the power of four in such a short space of time. We will not mourn the pups moving on to new homes, though. We feel confident they are all going to great new homes. We will miss them, but only mourn the one who has passed.

Now for the 7-week photos of some very special pups – all are spoken for.

Gizmo (who has a new name)
Sweet Curly (Thor)
Oct 032010

The puppies and big dogs were really happy for a sunny autumn weekend – and so were we! It’s amazing how fast these pups are learning. They all know the command ‘go potty’ really well. They are picking up ‘sit’ very fast. And a few are awesome already at ‘high five’ :)

As of this afternoon: 
Red collar male – litter name Gizmo – very affectionate and will make a great one on one protection dog – AVAILABLE

Light Blue collar male – litter name Bear –  SPOKEN FOR

Dark Blue collar male – litter name CurlySPOKEN FOR

Purple collar female – litter name Oskarette, current name Bella – SPOKEN FOR

Pink collar female – litter name PreciousSPOKEN FOR

Here are some pics:

Our cat, Iggy, isn’t allowed outside. The dogs always work together to herd him back into the house. It’s pretty impressive how even 5 week old pups work together with the pack to reach a common goal.
Bad kitty!
Nappy Time
Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs
Oct 012010

It was a dreary, very rainy day. The pups decided they don’t like the rain. We put a canopy up to allow them to go out without getting rained on :)  No we are not spoiling them – there’s no such thing :)

Here’s some pics:

Bear-lt blue

Bella – purple

Curly – dk blue (SOLD)

Gizmo – red

Precious – pink

Hoover’s Treasure Jet Storm

Ponelli’s Oskar Dancing Storm

And a day of playing in the rain :)
Dharma Dogs

Sep 302010

Just letting everyone know – the puppy we call Curly – dark blue collar – has been sold.

Also, the puppy we call – okay, who’s name is Bella – purple collar – we are keeping :)

Still available are:

Bear- light blue collar – male

Precious- pink collar – female

and Gizmo- red collar – male

Dharma Dogs

Sep 302010

The pups are doing so well house training – there has been no pee in the house (save a midnight gotta go) for three days now – hooray! As a result, the pups are allowed to run around the house a lot more :) We purchased several smaller toys for them to play with in a range of textures, from squeaky soft toys to bones. They decided they like mom and dad’s toys better :)

Precious and Bella with Oskar’s rope
Gizmo after a game of tennis balls
We wanted to let everyone know that if you email us interested in a puppy, we will take pics and try to hit all angles so you can see all their colors. Also, we will not hold a pup without a deposit, but we will accept deposits by Paypal to our craft business address – indigostudio@embarqmail.com  Upon receiving a deposit, the puppy will immediately be removed from sale and you will be sent a receipt with all details of the puppy and a picture. When making deposit, please tell us the litter name we’ve been using, or collar color of your choice. We’d also like to know if you have a name already picked for your puppy. If so, we will immediately begin calling the puppy by that name, but will not post the name or any details about the buyer.
Bear, Bella, Precious, and Gizmo attacking a butterfly bush
We are trying not to think about pick up day just yet. We are having much too much fun with seven German Shepherds in the house :)
Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs
Sep 282010

All the pups went to the vet today for their first check up and first worming. All pups checked out healthy – hooray! and CUTE :) They also were fitted with breakaway collars today to better identify them to their potential new masters. Here are the weights and collar colors:

Light Blue – formerly known as Bear – 9 lbs, 1 oz
Dark Blue – formerly known as Curly – 9 lbs, 6 oz
Red – formerly known as Gizmo – 7 lbs, 8 oz
Pink – formerly known as Precious – 7 lbs, 12 oz
And Bella – purple collar – 7 lbs, 8 oz – we are pretty sure we are keeping her

All of the pups will be wormed again in two weeks and will return to the vet next week for their first round of vaccinations.

Dharma Dogs

Sep 282010

Okay – this is the very first one I’ve ever made, so be kind :) But, here are the pups!

First they are at three weeks and their very first sojourn outside, frightened of everything and wanting to go back inside to their safe little pool.

Next, they are four weeks (yes, only a week apart and this was just last weekend!) and confident playing with mom and dad.

Enjoy :)

Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs
Sep 232010

The boys are four weeks old today, the girls tomorrow. Potty training has begun, as well as weaning. Pups are all eating mush that is getting less and less milky each day, drinking fresh water, and had their first fresh egg from the Reds today. Yes, we are going to incorporate some natural feeding before they go to their new homes.

The pics:

Bella (was Oskarette)
Four weeks til pick up date..email dharmadogsfarm@embarqmail.com if you would like to see the pups and their family.
Sep 212010
Hard as it is – yes, we have to sell the puppies. Pick up day is going to be October 23, 2010. All pups will be bathed and have cool toys to bring to their new home. There are males and females – we are still considering keeping one pup and it’s between Curly and Oskarette. In the photo above, Oskar is in back (dad) then left to right, Curly, Precious, Oskarette, Gizmo – in the front is Bear and Jet (mom).
Gizmo was first born – we call him this because he sounds just like the little furball in the movie when he gets wound up. He is very smart and going to be a protective companion. He is very much like his mom.
Bear was second born – he is big and furry, likely a longer haired GSD, and he has a very gentle, laid back demeanor, like his dad.
Curly was third born – he is the biggest, and definitely the alpha male. He was first to do almost everything, is very vocal, in charge, and will be a very protective dog. He is a very even combination of mom and dad.
Precious was fourth born – she is just that, precious. Very laid back and a lot like her daddy-gentle and wanting to play.
Oskarette was fifth born – she was named this because she is going to color up a lot like her dad. She is sweet – very quiet and loves to cuddle.
Okay – some pictures:

 This is Curly with his mouth open, and Bear in front.

 Curly in front, Gizmo, Bear

 Oskarette and Precious

  Curly biting someone’s tail

 Precious and Gizmo

The puppies are $400 each and will be vet checked and first shots. Contact us if you’d like to visit them. $200 will hold your pick and we’ll begin calling the pup by your chosen name.
Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs and Dogs and more Dogs :)