Apr 092011

If you want to call it that here in central PA. It has been very cold, damp, raining – and yes, we even have had snow in the last few weeks, depending on how high your property is.

This is the weirdest spring for us in a lot of ways. First, there is no real garden planted. Normally, St. Patrick’s day would be the day we put in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and plant onion sets, spinach and peas (not together). Normally, I would put a few lettuce, carrot, and beet seeds out to see when the soil warms enough for them to germinate (that’s the time to plant them). But this year, there has been carnage to the vegetable garden. Most of my herb garden is gone – I was happy to see a few stragglers I can rebuild with:

The Lady’s Mantle is coming back pretty well.
A few pretty flowers for encouragement
Sure, there’s one echinacea making a valiant effort, as well as a yarrow – but most of the gardens have been flattened, muddied, and are barren. What could cause this kind of destruction?
Yea – we still LOVE them and our lives revolve around them :-)
None to fear – there is plenty in the greenhouse gardens to eat:
Romaine Lettuce
An over-wintered Swiss Chard, and
In a year where the economy and radiation are both looming threats, we are thankful for our greenhouse. Food costs are increasing at an alarming rate, and pesticides, herbicides, and genetically-modified produce is getting harder and harder to avoid, we encourage everyone to grow at least some of their produce this year.
Here’s to a healthy growing season!
Peace, Love and Laughter,
Dharma Dogs
Oct 232010

As I write, we are still trying to adjust to having three German Shepherds instead of six, or seven. This has been one of the greatest, and hardest, endeavors we’ve ever taken on. Not only for us, apparently, as every being in this house, dogs and cat included, collapsed, exhausted, around lunchtime today. The house is full, but feels half empty. It’s hard to believe the sweet little beings who were born into our hands just eight weeks ago, are now beautiful puppies ready for their new lives.

We’ll never do this again – not because it was hard, it was also a joy – but because our beautiful Jet went through so much that we never meant to put her through. The whole experience will always be with us though – from the tears of joy at five little pups alive and breathing on their own, to tears of sadness at the sudden loss of what we thought was our strongest pup, and now missing the little lives who were so much a part of ours.

As I write, Jet is giving Bella a full bath – christening her into what she knows to be her new life. While Bella is staying with us, she now has no puppies to play with, and perhaps the hardest life of all – living with mom and dad. It’s a very strange day here, but a happy one, knowing all of the pups went to wonderful homes where they will be loved and cared for.

Thursday evening, Precious left for her new home where she will have two female German Shepherd dogs to watch over her and teach her.

Friday evening, Gizmo went on to live with his new family, where he will have to other male German Shepherd dogs to watch over and teach him.
And this morning, Bear met a little boy with surprise on his face before a long journey to his new home, where he will have a female German Shepherd dog to watch over and teach him.
It’s very very hard to let them go, but we know we cannot give the attention each needs with a family so large.
But let us now formally introduce, Hoover’s Curly Lady Bella
What am I supposed to do with this?
Hey, moooooooooom
It’s going to take a little adjusting – but I think we’ll all be getting back to normal now – whatever that is :)
Bye bye sweet babies – we will hopefully be seeing you all again one day in the not so distant future :)
Peace and much Love,
Dan and Michele